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litrally a big ball of gay, a floating aura of pure man on man action! Why gay men have bigger "jingle balls" than straight men! Before we launch into this diatribe of "Who has bigger jingle balls, gay or straight. Some opposites identified with tops and bottoms are: Big dicks, little dicks. Big balls, little balls. Tall, short; muscular, frail. Boisterous, rowdy, and pushy as. big balls gay

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What do you prefer? The guys in my experience have all preferred that I do more than just stare. I don't mean to be rude or anything, fellas, but I don't exactly consider penises and their accompanying parts to have aesthetic value. I put "It depends. Did you know that? Or are you referring to the size of the scrotum holding the testicles, rather than the testicles themselves?

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